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Part OG

= unmounted mint - unused with original gum in Post Office state, never hinged.

= lightly hinged - unused with original gum, mounted with a peelable hinge

= original gum - unused with original gum slightly disturbed or alternatively having a previous hinge

= part original gum - unused with original gum - large hinge remnants may or may not be present


CB=CONGO BELGE ; COB=Catalogue Officiel Belge number ; RU=Ruanda Urundi ;

PSC = Picture Stationary Card  /  PPC = Picture Postal Card  /  PSE = Postal Stationay Entire  

Designations of cancellations are in accordance with the Heim & Keach classifiation.

Bidding steps :

0 to 5 Euros  per 0.25 Euro

5 Euros to 25 Euros per 0.50 Euro

25 Euros to 50 Euros per 1.00 Euro

50 Euros to 250 Euros per 2.00 Euros

250 Euros to 500 Euros per 5.00 Euros

over 500 Euros per 10.00 Euros

Auction fees :

+10% commission fees for seller and none for buyer

Photocopies :

Futher informations on lots, scans  from

Mr. FRENNET Thierry, rue la Rue 17 , B1420 BRAINE-L'ALLEUD, Belgium   

Postage on lots will be charged to buyers

At E-mail address : thierry.frennet@fthsprl.be