Georges CELIS


Georges Celis died on 14th July 1999. He was 59 years old. He joined the Belgian Congo Study Circle in the late 60ís and was the second Belgian member after General Du Four


He served in Leopoldville, Coquihatville, Usumbura and elsewhere in the Congo area as a teacher of mathematics at the college level. He spoke one or more of the native languages and during his last teaching years he taught in French West Africa.


After he returned to Belgium he spent much of his time rescuing native children who were victims of the Ruandan holocaust


Since 1972, he wrote many articles for the bulletin. He also wrote several books about the "Independance" issues of the 1960-70's, and later about the postal history of Rwanda and Burundi.


He was our expert on the post 1960 stamp issues and he shall be sorely missed.


Raymond Keach