It is with the greatest regret that we have to announce the sudden death of Brian Hudson on 8th  December 1998.

For the past five years he very bravely endured the effects and treatment of kidney failure. He had two transplants, the second of which appeared to be a complete success and he had every expectation of full recovery. When I last visited him, five days before his death, he was extremely cheerful, completely optimistic for his future and full of life.

He was a past President of the BCSC, our General Sales Secretary, our Auctioneer and a member of our Expert Committee. His death is a bitter blow to the study circle.

His great philatelic interests were the Mols stamps and the cancellations of the 1886-1960 Period. He was expert in both areas and was always very ready to share his knowledge with others.

He and his wife graciously extended their hospitality to us to hold study circle meetings in their home on several occasions and then entertained us royally.